Highest Performance Containment / Easy Installation


Containment Conformance & Operational Performance

Arcoplast composite wall and ceiling systems are designed as a critical envelope for high risk, high security, and demanding process containment with a barrier structure that is:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Highly cleanable
  • Chemically resistance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Airtight

The highest performance structure for controlled environments including: Research & Pharmaceutical – BSL-3, BSL-4 and ABSL-3; Animal and Life Sciences, Nuclear – cGMP compliant; and Food & Beverage Industry – USDA and FDA compliant.

Arcoplast panels provide the structural integrity and toughness that are the hallmark of composites construction. The non-hygroscopic premium gel coat finish exceeds USDA, FDA, cGMP, NIH and CDC and USP 797 guidelines pertaining to surface finishes for maximum containment facilities.


Ease of Installation

The highest level of performance is coupled with the simplest installation in the class. The superior design of the Arcoplast Composite Wall and Ceiling System provides documented installation criteria and accommodates onsite construction changes with easy field modifications.

The engineered components of the containment system include:

  • Gel coat finished composites panels
  • Panel mounting adhesive
  • Engineered spline joint system
  • Joint finishing compound

Where wet coating systems produce solvent emissions and are dependent on operator application and onsite environment, the Arcoplast Wall and Ceiling system is manufactured under exacting conditions resulting in containment conformance and operational performance that is well proven through worldwide installations.

The use of a carefully engineered composites structure and the ease of installation provides a cost effective balance for the highest performance containment with simple build-out requirements.