For 30 Years…

Arcoplast Composite Panel Surface Finishes

Arcoplast Composite Panel Surface Finishes

Arcoplast has been pioneering the use of fiberglass reinforced composites for the architectural and design community. Since the beginning, we have stayed true to our mission to research, design and produce composite-based interior finishes that would become the industry solution for highly specialized and complex environments.

Whether it’s hygienic issues in the Food and Beverage industry, aseptic conditions in Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical cleanrooms or safety and security issues in BSL-3, 4 and high containment facilities, Arcoplast provides permanent solutions for the most demanding situation.

Creating an Industry Revolution

Traditional construction methods have plagued these specialized industries by not offering a permanent and effective solution to interior finishes. Failing to meet industry safety standards, continuous long-term maintenance costs, risks of contamination and public relation nightmares strike companies across the globe. The antiquated methods used to create contamination-controlled environments hurt the bottom line of many businesses while creating sleepless nights and headaches for those involved.

However, by harnessing the emerging technologies in the field of fiberglass composites, Arcoplast has developed sandwich wall and ceiling systems that yield tremendous benefits over traditional methods like concrete, steel or aluminum… even FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) boards fall well short of our capabilities:

  • Lightweight and extremely rigid, Arcoplast panels are impact, corrosion and chemical resistant while providing an extremely smooth, high-gloss finish that won’t fade or chip.
  • Designed to outlast the life of the facility, our panels drastically reduce maintenance costs and shut down times due to poorly performing finishes requiring resurfacing and repairs (Over time, Arcoplast panels practically pay for themselves in savings.)
  • A built-in antimicrobial protection from our non-hygroscopic gel coat adds protection and increased sanitation. (Using silver ion technology, it suffocates surface bacteria.)
  • Custom sizes and substrate options open up new building possibilities while providing increased performance and life. (Allowing for cost-effective “box-within-a-box” construction and maintaining the same level of safety and security.)
  • Proven to increase the shelf life of products in the food industry by reducing humidity and curbing other environmental factors. (Less expired goods equal more profit.)
  • Used in BSL-3, BSL-3Ag and BSL-4 facilities, our impervious wall and ceiling system passes air pressure decay tests to keep personnel (and the outside world) safe from harmful pathogens.
  • Offers superior environmental flexibility through our wall and ceiling systems by enabling multi-pathogen, multi-protocol containment laboratories. (Makes facilities readily adaptable to new and challenging technologies.)
  • Our exclusive resin-based finishing compound creates a smooth, seamless seal that eliminates problem edges and joints. (No more aluminum “band-aid” joint covers or outdated caulking that cracks and deteriorates.)
  • A one-stop shop for compliance, Arcoplast panels meet a wide range of regulatory requirements, codes and FDA and USDA guidelines. (We are constantly working to conform to the most demanding environments for safety, security and value.)

Relentless in our focus and vision, Arcoplast wall and ceiling systems are specifically innovated for industries having unique environmental challenges. The highly sophisticated processes that these industries perform take into consideration factors that have, until recently, been considered challenging, complex and of little guarantee through conventional construction material and methods.

The Growing Solution

Since entering the marketplace Arcoplast has seen wide acceptance and rave reviews from clients in the industries we serve. The unparalleled service and quality we deliver have earned us a reputation as the leader in fiberglass composite materials for architectural interior finishes.

With the safety and security of the end user always in mind, Arcoplast has created a high performance interior finish that also takes into consideration the architects, designers, contractors and financers who must make key decisions in creating these complex environments. Our long lasting, easily integrated and installed panels provide a cost effective and secure system from which everyone benefits.

Precision Execution

Based in St. Peters, Missouri, Arcoplast’s central location allows for easier service to the US and Canada. And over the years, we have established a precision network of specialized manufacture representatives and appointed specialty contractors to see projects to completion. In the field, our presence is achieved using these industry specialists. They understand their specific disciplines and can bring permanent solutions to challenges while conforming to guidelines and exceeding design standards.

Just as Arcoplast strives to make its products the best in the field, we make sure that those involved in a project are fully capable of installing our panels while effectively addressing any issue.

We have been able to proudly achieve a level of interior sophistication unlike any other available today. Through continuous research and development, that level will continue to rise while providing the ultimate interior finish to industries that require and demand no less.