Arcoplast composites enhance interior design with the use of a wide range of molded architectural shapes.

The durable gel coat finish highlights shapes that are molded into innovative forms providing creative and permanent solutions to the challenges of dealing with exposed columns, beams, ceiling coffers and variable ceiling elevations. Innovative wall configurations place an array of design options at the architect’s disposal.

The inherent high strength to weight ratio of composites, and the permanent high-performance gel coat surface, allow architects and designers to realize interior concepts that are technically challenging with conventional building products.

Arcoplast pre-molded composites shapes streamline construction with simple and well documented installation methods. The result is reduce installation time and labor to meet critical project objectives – This translates into significant cost savings to the owner.

From a technical perspective, aesthetically pleasing and insulated fiberglass beam, column and chase covers contribute to the protection of structural steel members. These one-piece molded shapes provide a high performance barrier against rust and corrosion, a condition that may be created by high humidity or lack of interstitial ventilation affecting exposed steel members. The elimination of periodic and costly maintenance can be addressed with the use of molded Arcoplast shapes that can make a positive contribution to a buildings lifecycle assessment.