Fire and Smoke Performance

Arcoplast Panels show no flashover during ISO 9705 ANNEX B Heat Release and Flame Spread Test

St. Peters, Missouri –Arcoplast Sealed Interior Wall Panels were tested for compliance with ISO 9705 ANNEX B criteria for heat release and flame spread.  ISO 9705 ANNEX B is a full scale room test for surface products.  The Fire Test measures certain fire performance characteristics of materials in an enclosure under specific fire exposure conditions.  The test determines the extent to which the finish covering materials may contribute to fire growth in a room and the potential for fire spread beyond the room particular conditions.  Testing and evaluation was by conducted Intertek Testing Services of Elemendorf, Texas. Intertek is an independent testing lab.

The Arcoplast Panel System contained the fire within the full scale room enclosure.  No flashover occurred during the 15 minute burn test.  Based on ISO 9705 ANNEX B testing requirements, the Arcoplast Panel System met or exceeded all test criteria.

Arcoplast Sealed Interior System for critical environments has been the most highly tested interior architectural system on the market for over 30 years.  The composite system has proven to be maintenance-free, impervious to microorganisms from front and back, and impact, corrosion and chemical resistant.  Arcoplast is designed for clinical, diagnostic, research and production facilities in new or existing buildings.