The filler rooms and bottling areas in the dairy and beverage industries are continuously challenged by uninterrupted production schedules. High-temperature variables, extreme moisture, and harsh sanitation regimens strip years of life away from typical interior finishes, making the environment vulnerable to airborne contamination, corrosion, and outside elements.

Arcoplast answers this call for high quality, sanitary interior finish with our line of composite wall and ceiling panels. Our non-hygroscopic gel coat performs flawlessly in the high-moisture environments of filler and bottling rooms, featuring a vapor transmission of less than 0.01 perm. This high gloss finish is impact and chemical resistant and features antimicrobial properties that inhibit bacterial growth.

In constructing an effective and sanitary environment, pipes and other equipment passing through walls create troublesome penetrations that lead to contamination issues if left unchecked. Fortunately, Arcoplast’s unique finishing compound eliminates potential problem areas, joints, corners, and edges in ways never before seen. Large wall liner panels and walk-on ceiling systems are easily integrated with floors, window frames, doorways, and processing equipment through the use of this compound to provide an extraordinarily seamless finish that won’t chip or corrode.