Biosafety Laboratories (BSL)

Biosafety laboratories (BSLs), depending on their level, must meet and conform to specific NIH, CDC and biological safety guidelines associated with work and research on infectious materials, toxins, and exotic/dangerous agents. Containment areas such as BSL suites, anterooms, airlock, showers and laboratory rooms, necropsy and procedure rooms in these high-risk, high-care facilities require hermetically sealed environments capable of withstanding decontamination procedures and preventing infectious materials form escaping high containment areas. There are a number of hygienic practices that contribute to the successful operation of a BSL facility, such as protective clothing, negative air pressure, emergency backup systems, etc. Yet none are effective without properly constructed barriers in place to contain them.

A chamber that is air-tight and leak-tight

Arcoplast has introduced the emerging technology of composite materials into the world of biosafety, biomedical and microbiological laboratories to create effective barrier systems through the use of architectural panels. Our wall and ceiling systems allow architects, planners, and designers to create the internal shells for maximum containment facilities in accordance to laboratory biosafety guidelines at all levels (BSL-3, BSL-3AG, ABSL-3, and BSL-4).

When sealed with our unique finishing compound, Arcoplast panels create a monolithic chamber that is air-tight and leak-tight – critical to the safety and security of its occupants, processes, and environments. Using conventional metal stud framing, our systems greatly reduces construction time and delivers lightweight, predictable and reliable performance. By utilizing the simple and effective “box within a box” concept, Arcoplast panels create a chamber that becomes the secondary barrier and the primary barrier for USDA ARS 242.1 BSL-3Ag applications. With the tremendous flexibility our composite panels offer, integrations with pass-through locks, windows, doors, penetrations, and equipment are made easy in these highly complex environments.

Some of the top BSL facilities in the world already use Arcoplast wall and ceiling systems with fantastic results and they are revolutionizing the way professionals think about constructing high-containment facilities.