Arcoplast HD Insulated Lay-In Ceiling Panel

Arcoplast closed-edge ceiling tiles are finished with a permanently hard, impermeable, fire retardant, USDA approved high-gloss gel coat that is remarkably easy to clean and maintain. Constructed with a permanent seal, Arcoplast’s closed-edge ceiling tile is resistant to moisture, freeze-thaw, rodents, vermin and fungi. Because of Arcoplast’s unique manufacturing process our closed-edged ceiling tiles can provide up to a 40 lb uniform load while maintaining a deflection of L/360.


  • Arcoplast closed-edge ceiling panels are designed for critical environments.
  • New construction and renovations
  • Any environment requiring stringent aseptic conditions
  • Areas with limited accessibility
  • Highly corrosive environments
  • Existing plants with no shutdown time
  • Many existing penetrations




Arcoplast Lay-in Ceiling Panels Provides 100% interstitial space accessibility Enables access and servicing to all MEPs housed in the plenum area
Lightweight Lay-in Insulated Ceiling Panel 1” thick insulated panel weight is 1 lbs.5 oz. (594 gr.) /per sq.ft. Enables the construction of inverted tee/lay-in ceiling panel systems with weak or over -burdened structure 
High Gloss Gel Coat Surface Easy to clean and maintain Low operating cost
High Performance Gel Coat Surface Corrosion, Chemical and Stain Resistant Reducing cost by eliminating panel replacement
Gel Coat resistant to mold, mildew, fungus Eliminates cross contamination Reduces potential costly product recalls and non-compliant quality products
Fiberglass Construction Strong and lightweight Durable outlast building life
High Density Insulated Core Greater R value – R 1.14 / ½” Reduce energy costs and less perm build up on the surface finishes – less contamination
High Density Insulated Core Greater NRC value Provides a substantial NRC performance over solid fiberglass panels
Molded High Density Fiberglass Core Rigid Flat Construction Remains permanently flat will not sag over time
Molded High Density Fiberglass Core Impact Impact resistant Will resist to high pressure spray washdown
Standard & Custom Size and Thickness Will accommodate any types of grids Providing accurate dimensions reduces material waste


  • Beverage & Bottling Facilities
  • Cage Wash Areas
  • Commercial and Institutional Kitchens
  • Dairy Foods Processing & Research Center
  • Data Centers
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Pharma Laboratories
  • Vivarium
  • Wetland and Aquatic Research Center



Grid Options

  • Resin pultruded
  • Stainless-steel cold rolled
  • Galvanized cold rolled
  • Aluminum cold rolled
  • Aluminum extruded

Lay-In Ceiling Panel


High Density Fiberglass Core Closed Edge Ceiling Panel