finishing Compound

Arcoplast’s unique resin-based finishing compound is a high performance, ultra-white adhesive and sealant. This highly impermeable, non-sagging compound was developed specifically for coving and finishing details at all wall, ceiling and floor junctions and for sealing penetrations critical to high containment facilities.

Arcoplast finishing compound has exceptional environmental and chemical resistance yet is easy to apply and tool – delivering state-of-the are interior finishes in environmentally challenged facilities.


  • Aseptic and aesthetically pleasing look
  • Permanently finished antimicrobial gel coat formulation inhibits mold, fungus and mildew growth
  • Chemical, corrosion and water resistant
  • Impact resistant, non-particulating and non-shedding durable finish
  • Smooth, high-gloss finish
  • Impervious and non-porous surface
  • Colorfast and excellent fade resistance
  • Easily cleaned and not affected by daily high pressure wash and sanitizing regimen
  • Not affected by decontamination procedures
  • Easily repaired
  • Working temperature range from -40°C to 82°C (-40°F to 180°F)

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