Since 2003, ICS and President Clint Brown have been the preferred choice when constructing highly sensitive BSL-3 and 4 facilities using Arcoplast wall and ceiling systems. Between their extensive experience in working with Arcoplast gel coat panels and their acquired, hands-on knowledge and skill in meeting the rigorous construction demands of these facilities makes them the contractor of choice.

And recently, they proved it.

On July 17th, the Building Congress & Exchange of Baltimore awarded Matthew Fast the Craftsmanship Award for ICS’s recent work at Johns Hopkins University. The project and their work with Arcoplast panels were chosen for its high quality of workmanship at one of the nation’s leading universities for biological studies.

Industrial Construction Services has had a long-lasting relationship with Arcoplast. Together, great advances have been made in the techniques used and methods employed in building modern high containment facilities.

Congratulations Matthew, Clint and the entire crew. Arcoplast is proud to recommend ICS as the premier contractor for building high containment facilities.