Insulated Beam Covers

Arcoplast one-piece, molded reinforced fiberglass beam covers offer architects and facilities engineers a permanent solution against the paint chipping, corrosion and structural beam decay created by harsh production and processing environments. The ‘U’ and ‘V’ shaped covers feature our high-gloss antimicrobial gel coat and are available in different dimensions to accommodate most existing and new structural members.

Lightweight and durable, they protect your commodity, processes and environment from condensate formations and falling debris generated by exposed structures. Arcoplast beam covers also extend the life of your building’s steel and concrete members by insulating them from the working environment. Arcoplast beam covers are a permanent solution to the costly maintenance of exposed structural beams.


  • Antimicrobial, smooth high-gloss finish effective against surface contamination
  • Insulated core to protect against condensation and thermal variance
  • Fire rated resin
  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • No steel lattice required
  • No exposed fasteners
  • Building Code, USDA, FDA compliant

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