Arcoplast 6mm cement core panels have been awarded MEA approval (MEA 414-04-M) from the City of New York Department of Buildings. Manufacturers are required to have their products tested against nationally recognized standards by Department-accepted testing laboratories. MEA approval of Arcoplast products further show the commitment and high regard to the safety of occupants in facilities where it is installed.

To gain approval, a UPITT Toxicity Test was performed by the Southwest Research Institute out of San Antonio, Texas. The test evaluated the material to determine the acute lethality requirements of the City of New York.

The acceptance and MEA approval allows Arcoplast cement core panels to be used as interior finishes in high-rise, high-occupancy buildings. When expose to fire, it did not produce levels of toxicity beyond what is found in wood or paper given similar conditions.

The University of Pittsburgh Test Protocol for Measurement of Acute Lethality of Thermal Decomposition Products from Specimens (UPITT test) is conducted based on the test methodology specified in the Building Code for the City of New York and as published by the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Industrial Environmental Health Sciences, December 1988. This test evaluates the relative lethal toxic potency of thermal decomposition products of each material tested. The pass/fail criteria require that the material not be more toxic than wood, which produces a 50 percent lethality rate at a total mass of 19.7g.