Arcoplast is pleased to announce its new epoxy-based finishing compound. This two-component compound allows for seamless joints and smooth, radius edges while drying to a bright white shine that won’t fade over time. It is the ideal choice for use with Arcoplast’s line of gel coat composite wall and ceiling panels.

The finishing compound is designed for industries where contamination control is a concern. Industries such as: food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications, animal science and high-containment facilities. Easily applied by a skilled craftsman, it can be tooled to create seamless feathered edges that eliminate the concern over problem joint areas.

It bonds and seals with a highly impermeable, non-porous finish and won’t yellow, chip or crack as more traditional methods. When cured, the compound resists solvents, most chemical and cleaning agents, as well as sunlight, weathering, humidity and salt spray.

Its unique formula contains no solvents making it virtually odor-free. This allows for a safe application without requiring use of expensive hood systems or explosive-proof equipment. (While curing, there is a slight odor. Arcoplast recommends a mock-up for evaluation if there is concern for even the slightest odor.) It is also environmentally friendly. It will not deplete the ozone and contains no known carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens, heavy metal or other toxic