Load bearing and free standing partitions

Arcoplast load bearing and free standing composite panels are constructed utilizing vacuum bag technology, allowing the wet lay-up process to thermo-set into a rigid, multi-layered substrate, forming a fused and remarkably strong sandwich panel.

Arcoplast fiberglass reinforced composite panels can be configured and manufactured with polyisocyanurate insulation foams or honeycomb cores layered with non-combustible cement or plywood substrates to suit user requirements and environmental constraints. Arcoplast lightweight composite panels are ideally suited for the construction of interior walls and partitions in new facilities and retrofit projects. The large composite panels are offered in a wide range of dimensions and can be easily cut, drilled and machined in the field… making project changes simple, easy and cost effective.


  • Antimicrobial, smooth high-gloss finish effective against surface contamination

  • Dimensions – Width up to 10’-0” x Length up to 40’-0” – 3.05m x 12.15m

  • Thicknesses – 1” to 6” – (25mm to 150mm)

  • Load bearing capabilities enables “box within a box” construction

  • Metal framing not required (Consult manufacturer for height restrictions)

  • Engineered fiberglass expansion joint covers

  • High strength to weight ratio

  • Non-progressive system

  • No exposed fasteners, ledges or irregular corrugated surface finish

  • Hermetically sealed, watertight interior joint and floor/cove junction base construction

  • Easily integrated and sealed into previously existing conditions (structural members, equipment, doors/windows)

  • Conforming to GMP and sanitary designs