Arcoplast’s innovative products capture the full range of design considerations for controlled environments and containment requirements.  These design elements Include:

  • Structural capability and adaptation to facility configurations
  • Environmental control and containment
  • Creating an aesthetically pleasing workspace
  • Operational functionality – Resistance to biological growth and chemicals
  • Ease of installation – Reduction in build-out complexity
  • Code compliance – Meets a wide range of standards

The family of Arcoplast products provides construction and operational options that span an immense range of possibilities.  The highest level of performance is coupled with the simplest installation in the class. The superior design of the Arcoplast Composite Wall and Ceiling System provides documented installation criteria and accommodates onsite construction changes with easy field modifications.

The engineered components of the containment system include:

  • Gel coat finished composites panels
  • Panel mounting adhesive
  • Engineered spline joint system
  • Joint finishing compound
  • MEP trim accessories

The use of a carefully engineered composites structure and the ease of installation provide a cost effective balance for the highest performance containment with simple build-out requirements.

Arcoplast vs. Wet Coating Systems

The Arcoplast Wall and Ceiling system is manufactured under exacting conditions resulting in containment conformance and operational performance that is well proven through worldwide installations. Wet coating systems, where the interior envelope is constructed and subsequently coated with a finish, are dependent on onsite operator application and construction site environmental conditions. The variability, and performance inconsistency, of wet coating systems is eliminated by the sophisticated factory control of Arcoplast product manufacturing.

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