Vivariums – Animal Care Facilities

Animal Care Facilities

Animal care facilities in the biomedical field must address and meet the safety and security guidelines of not only human personnel, but of the animals it houses. Continuous waste production, feeding and handling procedures, as well as the research that goes on demand stringent sanitation of all surfaces in the environment. With this comes the need for walls and ceilings that provide a highly durable and impervious containment barrier.

That’s why major universities and research facilities have turned to Arcoplast to meet the diverse challenges faced by vivariums. Our composite wall and ceiling systems create an impenetrable barrier with an antimicrobial gel coat finish that is both impact and chemical resistant to withstand constant abuse. Their white high gloss surface allows for easy spotting of contaminants and won’t fade or yellow, even after years of daily sanitation. Plus, our exclusive finishing compound creates seamless joints, corners, and edges to halt the penetration of moisture, fumes, and pests while eliminating exposed crevasses that encourage bacterial growth.


Available in a variety of substrates and designs, Arcoplast panels suit any construction requirement a vivarium may need. Take our non-combustible cement core panels, for instance. They are perfect for cladding existing walls and hard ceilings while exceeding fire rating specifications for housing animals of all sizes. With low flame, low smoke development and low toxicity, they have become the gold standard for state-of-the-art vivarium facilities.