Walk-On Ceiling Panels

Arcoplast large walk-on ceiling panels were developed for facilities requiring full accessibility in the plenum or interstitial space. Load-bearing capabilities can be engineered for punctual loads of up to 250 lbs as well as distributed loads ranging from 10 lbs to 70 lbs. These large walk-on ceiling panels allow unrivaled access for servicing, inspecting and exercising sanitary controls. Arcoplast sandwich composite panels provide an unobstructed surface that facilitates free air flow, resulting in greatly reduced condensate formation on the ceiling surface. Arcoplast’s antimicrobial gel coat provides a mirror-like finish, with an astounding 97.3% light reflectivity (based on 85° light source). This contributes to better lighting, reduced electrical costs and the ability to easily identify surface contamination.



  • Antimicrobial, smooth high-gloss finish effective against surface contamination
  • Thickness: from 3/4” to 6”
  • Dimensions: up to 10’ x 40’
  • Fire rated resin
  • Insulated sandwich composite construction
  • Building Code, USDA, FDA compliant

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