Arcoplast wall panel systems are easily designed and constructed to provide load bearing and non-load bearing wall partitions. Our product line ranges from our simple solid resin-based matrix to our very specialized composite fiberglass panels. Our composite fiberglass panels allow us to offer a variety of specific environmental requirements such as lead shielding for radiation, X-ray shielding, nuclear shielding, and RF copper shielding. Arcoplast panel systems can also incorporate wire mesh construction to offer a highly secured barrier perimeter. In addition, Arcoplast can provide a cavity wall partition solutions that are completely non-metallic.

The simplicity and constructability of Arcoplast load and non-load bearing partitions enables Architects and Engineers to achieve specific and cost-effective designs, facilitating problem solving solutions to project constraints and associated high costs to the end user.


Acryloyl-Engineered Polymer Panel
GFRP-Gel coat Fiberglass Reinforced Panel
GFRMC-Gel coat Fiberglass Reinforced Mat Core Panel

Arcoplasts line of wall panel systems are all designed for maximum containment facilities, cleanrooms, and contamination-controlled environments. The different characteristics of these materials allow us to deliver a wide variety of solutions for architects and engineers. All our wall panels come with a pre-finished edge design which allow them to be installed with Arcoplasts innovative joining system.

Arcoplasts joining system and installation standards allow our panel installations to meet seismic requirements of NZS 4219(200) and ICC-ES AC156(US). These attributes of our system provide high-quality and economical solutions in both retro fit and new construction.

Arcoplasts innovative panel joints, radius junctions, and coving sections are sealed with Arcoplasts unique A-1010 Bio Seal finishing compound. This finishing compound creates the ultimate performance in monolithic interior shell construction – essential for primary and secondary barrier applications.


Arcoplast unique characteristics and features of the solid core Acryloyl panel facilitates the design of a non-cavity wall system that requires no substrates, no steel framing, and no secondary support structure.  The Acryloyl panels solid matrix gives it a non-porous, impact resistant, high gloss finish on both sides.  This type of panel can be erected easily, providing short construction times and a cost effective solution. 

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Biosafety (BSL)

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